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January 23, 2012

I mentioned in a previous post that my latest blog obsession is MadeByGirl and what do you know... today's post is case and point a perfect example why. The beautiful apartment featured in her post has endless design inspiration. I love the clean lines of the living room coffee table and bookcases, not to mention, the creative ways to store extra seating. The storage through out the whole apartment is smart and also designed to be part of the overall look, not hidden behind closed doors. The pops of color are easy to mimic and keep things fresh which would be something one could seasonally update. Everything is easy, comforting, use-able, stylish and chic.

Yes I love the look and feel of my home but this post makes me want to update a few things. I have already been itching to paint my living/dining room from the current taupe-tan-beige-BORING color to an overcast-grey that is clean and light. I could paint a water color to hang on the wall, update my pillows on my couches or even change out a couple of accessories on my bar. Who knows if I will honestly change anything (except the paint, that is in the works so stay tuned!) but I love seeing inspiration, being excited about something new and finding beauty in the world.


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