Spring Closet Makeover!

January 18, 2012
Last night I was incredibly inspired by my husband who cleaned out his closet.  All his dress shirts lined up by color, each hanger exactly 1" apart and everything looking so pristine made me so envious.  His closet makes me want to get dressed every morning and mine... well... doesn't. 

(Ryan's closet after his re-org)

I have seen some really cute things for spring and just the thought of wearing something pastel, pretty and maybe even pink has got me thinking about cleaning out my closet.  I could potentially make room for a couple new purchases in the coming months. 

I unfortunately am not blessed with closet space in my 1922 brick bungalow which is a challenge for any wanna-be fashionista.  If I cannot see it when I open the door, I don't wear it.  However, I previously have not been able to bring myself to get rid of the items that lurk in the back.  I have to do it though and if Spring is the motivation, then so be it.

I think if I get rid of the handful of unflattering-fit tops, the Forever 21 shirts that have seen better days and anything with a hole, stain or snag I am going to (sadly) clear up a decent amount of space.  I can then reevaluate the items left and see if they make the cut.  Then... my eyes are going to focus on the following gems that I hope will be making their way home with me to bring Spring that much closer. 


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