Clip Clip - Rocco's New Do

February 12, 2012

Rocco got his first hair cut this weekend!  He did very good sitting for the groomer and did not freak out like we heard a lot of pups do their first groomer visit.  A bit shorter than we had planned on but he still looks so adorable and cute.  With that face of his, how could he not!

It was hard to snap any decent pictures of him tonight after I gave him his new bully-stick as a reward for being such a good boy today, so bare with my above photo.  We went to my parents house to have dinner and Rocco met his cousins, Riley, Rex, CoCo and Louie for the first time.  He played with them so well, had fun roaming around the house and got tons of love and affection from his grandparents and aunt.  I would like to think he had a pretty eventful weekend for a d-o-g.  Ha.


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