Restaurant Review - Bittersweet

February 12, 2012
I am a food lover and wanna-be restaurant critic so I thought I would add a new segment to my blog, restaurant reviews.  I tend to eat out more than the average bear (or so I am told) and am constantly asked for a recommendation on places to go and/or what to order.  I hope you will enjoy!

For an early Valentine's Day celebration Ryan took me out for a glass of bubbles at Corridor 44 before the main attraction, dinner at Bittersweet.  This restaurant has been on my list of places to go ever since they opened and even more since they made 5280's 'Top 25 Restaurants in Denver'.  Bittersweet is a farm to table restaurant that prides itself on fresh, seasonal ingredients; much of which are grown on the property.

The star of the night was the first item I read on the menu and instantly had to order, the bacon, eggs and toast.  Out comes lightly toasted, fresh rosemary brioche, stacked high with the richest and most tender pork belly that is then topped with a poached quail egg.  When you cut your fork through the savory dish, the golden yolk descends upon the pork, draping it with flavor.  One quick slide through the decadent sauce on the bottom of the plate and you are eating the most balanced and flavorful combination of flavors.

Ryan ordered the newest dish to grace Bittersweet's menu, the black cod.  The fish was fresh and light, paired with spring peas, roasted brussel sprouts, a citrus sauce and sweetbreads which created a perfect syphony of flavor.  The fish was the highlight but the fresh-shucked peas were tender and almost sweet which I could not quit stealing off Ryan's plate all night.

I think what I loved most about Bittersweet was the warm feeling the restaurant had and how no detail was overlooked for the diner's experience.  The fireplaces adoring the 2 dining rooms put off a glow and warmth that made you feel like you were dining in someones home.  The decor is chic meets comfy with contemporary wood chairs, lighting with clean lines, a pewter grey paint on the walls and an ambiance that urges you to linger all night.  The waitstaff was well informed, the pink salt on the tables was a nice touch and the glassware was beautiful.

I will be looking forward to my next visit to Bittersweet to try their spring menu, find surprise in simple ingredients that are prepared in a fascinating way and to linger in a dining space that is so unique.  My valentine gave me the best gift; amazing food, a wonderful experience and a new place to share with others.


  1. I loved our dinner and the restaurant. Happy valentines day!

  2. Yum! I can't wait to try it! I love reading your reviews!


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