Destination: Kors

February 17, 2012
I am a huge fan of the great classic American sportswear designer, Michael Kors and have been for years.  I would like to say, before he ever graced the screen on Project Runway, before he had a store in every major city in the nation and before his MK logo was well known by every woman on the street.  I love his classic design elements, strong shapes, attention to fit and how his clothes make you feel when you wear them. 
I follow his runway shows and new collections as they come out and thought I had a pretty good pulse on all things MK, until I had an email sent to me today titled, Destination: Kors!  Well, my favorite designer has been busy creating a new website that is very social-media based with constant updates featuring runway photographs, weekly style tips, celebrity sightings, a travel diary and so much more.  I have spent a good part of my morning on the site and love it. 

Please check it out and let me know your thoughts, favorite pieces you may own or what you are hoping to add to your wardrobe this season!

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  1. Love your choices!!! I would wear all of those as well. Always great to receive updates from you on fashion trends especially from your favorite designer!


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