Hungry for Hunger Games

March 26, 2012
So as I mentioned on Friday, we went to go see the highly anticipated, Hunger Games.  Ryan, Brian and I bought tickets weeks in advance and I will say the movie was great.  I love the review that Haley gave at Cardigan Junkie (one of my fav blogs!!) so please check it out!
Spoiler alert… don’t read any further if you are planning on seeing the movie and do not want to know a couple small details!

The film depicted the arena just as I imagined it from the novel and it felt very authentic.  While it did lack in some serious character building, the cinematography was remarkable and the actors picked up on the nuances of each character extremely well.  I understand that it is hard to portray all the details of the book in 2hrs and 22 minutes but the major changes/elements left-out sold the film a bit short.  There was some foreshadowing about the second novel though which will tie the films together nicely.
I guess the thought that kept coming to mind throughout the whole movie was… if you have not read the Hunger Games, you could be very confused going to watch the film.  Viewers will not understand the deep connection between Peeta and Katniss, nor understand the struggles the districts have been through that give them such revolt towards the Capitol.
Go see the film and ‘may the odds be ever in your favor!’ 

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Jaime! I agree with your points 100%. My husband hadn't read the books, and he was a little confused about the back story and Peeta's intentions. He also did not understand my "where's Gale in this movie?" outburst, so I'm glad I had a friend with me. :)


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