Weekend Update

March 25, 2012
My weekend included a bit of the following...

(Drinks with my sister at La Sandia on the patio, soaking in the 70 degree weather)

(Some tug-of-war with Rocco)

(endless sunshine)

(Rocco's 1st trip to Washington Park; volleyball, beer drinking, sunshine and lots of love from total strangers falling in love with 2lbs and 5oz of furry cuteness!)

(Drinks at Green Russell with Gina and Ryan... so delicious and endless fun.  No judging if we were home by 10:30p)

(First day of my part-time j-o-b (yes I got one!) and NO, I do not have a picture to accompany)

(BBQ with Hunter, Beth, Gina, Ryan and friends; so much delicious food and great story telling.  Hoping this will be the first of many to come in the summer months)

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  1. Looks like you had a busy and well-rounded weekend. Now on to the weekday grind...


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