Weekend Update

March 18, 2012
My weekend included...


On Friday night our friends Brian and Chris joined Ryan and I for Pho at, Pho 95.  For those who may not know, Pho is a rice noodle soup that had lots of spices, it was born in Northern Vietnam but was heavily influenced by both Chinese and French cooking.

I read online that this is Denver's #1 rated Pho restaurants.  I am no expertise on Pho, as I have only had it a couple of times but I would say mine had a rich deep flavor.  I ordered the vegetarian with tofu (it was recommended by all the peeps online) but I preferred Ryan's Pho with rare steak and brisket.  It had the more traditional flavors that I enjoy.  I would highly recommend getting an order of 5A, the Vietnamese Egg Rolls; they were crispy without being greasy and the veggie/pork combo was great. 

I got my hair cut and colored Saturday morning, followed by a little antique/home decor shopping.  I found a great pillow for my bed, a cute frame I would love to put a picture of Rocco in and then a turtle dish.  I don't think I have shared previously my deep love of turtles!!!

St. Patty's day celebrations were had with an afternoon BBQ at Ryan's family's (sorry no pictures).  Then, Ryan, his cousin, Brett, my sister and I had a delicious bottle of Sirah and then some fun at Earl's.  I had a few too many glasses of vino throughout the day and called its quit earlier than most for a holiday.

Rocco boy was exhausted after a sleepover at Gina's... maybe just too much playing all night.  In the car ride home he was a sleepy boy.

My big project for the weekend was giving a little face lift to our 2nd bedroom.  I had been hating our duvet cover for months so I went on an IKEA trip and came out smiling and satisfied.  I love the change and pop of color that the orange brought to the room.  I even made a quick wall art installation to continue the accents of orange.

(before... undesirable)

(after... black, white and bold orange accents without being over the top)

Oh, last note... my allergies have been out of control!  Broke down and bought some Allegra today.  Did you know that the pharmacy has to enter all your info into their computer system so they can track your purchase(s)?!?! 

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  1. Love the bedroom update! How fun! It was a great weekend! Check out those earrings! Love those!!!! ��


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