March 16, 2012
If you have an iPhone and you haven’t yet downloaded the FREE app, ‘Paper’d’ may I say you need to jump off my blog right now and grab your phone.  (Did I just say that?!).  Paper’d is a new iOS wallpaper app that gives you hundreds of options to make your phone more you. 
There are tons of collections to choose from such as patterns, quotes, initials, robots, daily calendars, mantras and tons more.  I love the graphic design on so many of them and the typography is so fun! 

The app was created by two best friends, Jamie Varon and Nicole Antoinette.  Varon gained pop-culture street-cred back in 2009 when she created the website  The site got a ton of attention, which ultimately led her to create the high-end web design boutique Shatterboxx in April of 2009.  Varon met Antoinette and the rest is design history. 

Hooray for all of us because we are all now benefiting from their collaborations.


  1. I love the 'Paterns' and the 'Ego Boost' categories. They are simple and beautiful... not to mention, I smile each time I look at my phone and I see 'Hello Lovely'!!!

  2. I just grabbed my phone to download the app. Yay!
    Thanks for the follow. You put me at 70.
    LOve that we have the same design template. Ha.


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