Guest Post - Restaurant Review: Limelight Supper Club

April 15, 2012
A loyal follower of my blog recently had a night out in Denver to dine at Limelight Supper Club and to go see the award-winning Broadway play, Wicked.  As you can imagine, the play was amazing but what I didn't know was how approachable and chic the restaurant would be.  I have passed Limelight at least a dozen of times, yet, have never found made my way in.  One of the biggest restaurant groups in Denver, Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group is the owner of Limelight and it is no surprise that it shined with a cool vibe that attracts a wide range of people and classic steak-house Americana cuisine.

(My guest post writer moments before the play started)

She graciously offered to write a review of the restaurant and I am so excited to share her thoughts in my very first Guest Post.  So, without further adieu...

The cool lime green color used throughout the restaurant provided a relaxing and intimate atmosphere, while the large windows open to the entire Denver Center for Performing Arts Complex afforded an excellent ‘people watching’ arena – it was bustling with activity with the performances in the different venues.

The Steak Tartare with toasted bread and Parmesan dressing that we ordered to start was tasty with a delicate sauce.  The New York Strip with a Green Peppercorn Sauce and steak fries was substandard and was the biggest disappointment of our meal.  The best item of the night was the Filet with mushroom fricassee and a delicate bĂ©arnaise sauce - one of the best sauces we have ever had and the pairing with the mushrooms completed the dish. 

The service was above par, timely and efficient, but not over the top.  Overall, an excellent choice for anyone especially with its closeness to the Buell Theatre.


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