Saturday Shopping Sale

April 22, 2012
Had some great success with some serious savings at Ann Taylor and GAP today. My sister and I took to the mall in hopes of some window shopping for a couple of hours but ended up making a couple purchases because we found so many steals.

I got a soft and airy white cotton cardigan and a pair of ultra-smooth and silky grey pajama pants that were over 50% off at GAP Body. Gina made out with some new Nine West classic black pumps, a killer zip-up jacket from GAP body ($10!!) and something else that is not coming to mind at this moment.

Some very fun and successful retail therapy if I may say so. I love days like that when it just feels like the odds were in your favor and you walk away feeling like you really got a great deal.  I cannot wait to give you my weekend update (WYSIWYG series)  because I have a lot to update you all on.

Happy Saturday to all!


  1. I love the Gap body products.

  2. Could not have asked for better deals or a better shopping partner! To end our day of girl time and shopping at the spa was beyond perfect!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. I have been living in my Gap pajama pants all week and just love them!


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