Weekend Update // San Diego

April 24, 2012
So maybe it was not a big surprise by my earlier posts (here and here) that I had vacationing on my mind.  Maybe it was because I secretly had a long weekend in San Diego planned with my sister and my husband that I was just too excited not to slightly share.

Yep, we packed it up and flew out for a mini-vacation that was so fun from the very moment we stepped off the plane.  Ryan had to fly out a couple days early because of work and unfortunately his time quite in California was not 100% relaxation and fun, due to his schedule.  However, he was able to join us for dinners and a great day on Coronado Island before our departure home.
 We were able to fit in some time at the pool (I got a little toasted or as I told people ‘over-sunned’) with the breeze of the ocean flowing over us.  I received an amazing massage and wrap at Kin Spa which was unbelievably soothing.  I seriously forget how nice it is to treat yourself and spend money on something that is not tangible but oh-so worth of every penny.  The three of us had an incredibly tasty and massive breakfast which I successful ate entirely too much fresh fruit and homemade whipped cream at.  We also found a speakeasy in East Village by accident while waiting for the bathroom.  There is a wall of kegs in the restaurant, The Neighborhood that if you push on, opens up to Noble Experiment which was totally awesome and such a great surprise.  I left my footprints in the sand on Coronado Island too.

We had 2 amazing diners at Neighborhood and Searsucker.  Neighborhood was a hip ‘in-the-know’ gastro-pub by Petco Park.   We had the seriously spicy butter-poached mussels that were flecked with red pepper flakes and braised fennel.  I don’t eat hot dogs but Gina and Ryan were raving about The Diaz, bacon-wrapped dogs accompanied by spiced cream, tangy tomatillo relish, pickled carrots and cilantro.  I was satisfied with the braised pork buns but I wouldn’t order them again.  The best item was hands-down the Neighborhood burger with perfectly caramelized onions, melty blue Gruyere cheese and peppered greens.  As for Searsucker, the new American restaurant is massive in size and beautifully decorated in a shabby-chic design.  We had stellar drinks, especially the Peter Rabbit.  We decided to sample nearly every small plate on the menu and they all had playful touches and ingredients that made each dish stand on its own.  Highlights included the short rib, the ‘carb free’ crab cake, the spicy shrimp and grits and the carpaccio with hearts of palm.  My favorite item of the evening was the ‘Breakfast of Champions’ dessert; a Greek frozen yogurt, granola crumble, rhubarb and segments of grapefruit.  Not too sweet but decadent and a great way to finish the meal.
San Diego was such a great getaway and a place that has grown to be a fond location in all of our hearts.  I have had so many memories that will last a lifetime with two of the most important people in my life.  Until then, see you next time San Diego!

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  1. An amazing trip and beyond fabulous weekend! Great food, great fun and great company! Can't wait to visit again San Diego!!


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