Extra pickles, hold the top bun

May 11, 2012
Last weekend Ryan and I had the pleasure to babysit our two beautiful nieces, Makenzie (3 years old) and Kamryn (turning 2 next month).  We played dress up, watched cartoons, chased after Rocco (more than he probably would have liked), read books, took naps, danced, sang songs and ate McDonald’s for dinner. 

I love a good McDonald’s hamburger and always have since I was a kid.  I order my burger with extra pickles and extra onion because I love the crunch and taste.  In addition, I constantly take of the top bun.  Well, Makenzie loved it too as she took bites in between her eating her chicken nuggets and fries.
Hands down, the best part about our babysitting fun was getting the following text messages from my sister-in-law that I think I have re-read a dozen times now.

Krista:  Kenzie said for lunch she wanted a cheeseburger with flat pickles like Jaime
Me:  OMG that just made my day!!!!  She loved my McDonald’s burger and that’s exactly what I had!  I love her so much thank you for texting me
Krista:  Welcome!  Do you take the top bun off?
Me:   I do!!! And order extra pickles
Krista:  That is what she did.  She took the top bun off and I had to cut up more pickles.  Thought you would like to hear that
Me:  Honestly the best part of my day is hearing that
Krista:  Good

What an impression I made apparently!  Kids are so receptive, tuned-in and observant.  I was so impressed about all the details she remembered.  This story just warms my heart and I thought it was just too cute not to share. 

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