Six Months and Going Strong

May 9, 2012
Rocco is 6 months old already and I realized I haven't given much of an update on him in a while.  He is just under 3lbs and I think he is nearly done growing from what I can tell.  

(Clockwise from top left: he loves taking trips in the car / learning to stand on his back legs / nights on the front porch / nappster / my favorite boys / on strike from me packing to leave)

Eating just under a half a cup of food a day, he is full of energy and spunk which I try to burn off a bit by taking him on walks around the park everyday.  I don't think he is quite ready for the Colorado heat that summer brings because he has already come home panting after a walk on an 80 degree afternoon.  He sprawled out on the slate floors of our kitchen with his arms going opposite directions, soaking in the cool stone on his belly. 

Rocco loves to 'sun bathe' in front of the screen door, watching people running by, parking their cars and walking their dogs.  He is so funny because he will bark at other dogs from our porch, acting tough and mighty but once you get him down on ground level with them, he cowers every time like a little baby.

I had my first real scare with Rocco just this past weekend when he was playing in the front yard.  He saw a squirrel (finally something smaller than him!) and darted after it to play.  I probably looked like a frantic momma as I ran after him into the street, coffee splashing around in the cup in my hand, as I was yelling his name.  Thank goodness he stopped and the car in the intersection too so I could sweep him up and yell a forceful 'Bad boy Rocco!  You never do that again!  You scared mommy!'.  He looked up at me with his big brown eyes that just screamed apologies and I melted instantly.  It is so hard to get mad at his cute face.

Aside from the squirrel incident, things have been such a dream and I consciously think how blessed I am to have my baby Rocco.  He has been and will continue to be, a blessing for my family.


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