Planter Boxes

May 1, 2012
The maintenance of our yard is a task I primarily leave to my husband.  The edger terrifies me (I feel like I am going to chop my feet off) and I don’t really have a huge interest in watering the grass by hand as we do not have a sprinkler system… yet but that is changing soon!
The one thing I truly enjoy in the gardening realm is my planter boxes that I put together each year.  Since we bought our house 2 ½ years ago, I have put out planter boxes on my front porch each Spring and I am so excited that the weather is nearly warm enough to head to the gardening center and come up with my plant scheme for this year. 

(Inspiring planters)

Last year I did a combination of herbs and annuals which I loved because of the great array of texture and color from the Thyme, Rosemary, Purple Basil and Chives.  Then again, we ate the herbs much faster than they grew so I think the boxes started to look a little dismal after late June. 

(A couple succulent photos from my wedding)

If I have not mentioned it before, I love succulents.  So much, I used them in my wedding for our bridal party and table displays.  Home Depot has some that you can only purchase online but there are quite a few online vendors who will ship anywhere.  I would love to add some succulents to my boxes this year so I need to do some additional research. 
(The Crate and Barrel zinc planters)

My sister bought us these zinc planters from Crate and Barrel and I must say, I am giddy to see them filled to the brim with a combination of vibrant colors, fragrant herbs and plants that will bring life to my front porch all summer long. 


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