Weekend Update

May 1, 2012
What a beautiful weekend here in Denver and how blessed I was to spend it with so many people who I am grateful to have in my life.  The simple joys of watching a good ‘ol baseball game, making breakfast in my pajamas to get my Saturday off to a great start, surprising Rocco with a new toy that he has become utterly obsessed with, seeing my sister-in-law show me her great driving skills (she parallel parked and backed into a parking spot!), a fun and relaxing afternoon BBQ to kick-off the Nuggets playoffs (too bad they lost Game 1) and then having some of the most wonderful time with Ryan’s grandparents and family. 

I could not be more fortunate to have so many wonderful experiences and people whom I get to share my life with.  It is the moments when I can take a step back and see all the laughter, sincerity, love, honesty, passion and ease in those around me that I get taken aback by all that is in this beautiful world. 
Wishing everyone an amazing week to come!


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