Weekend Update

May 28, 2012
This three-day weekend was jammed pack, right from the moment the office closed on Friday afternoon. 

We had a delicious dinner at our friends Jon and Becca's house with some seriously mouth-watering shrimp and scallops.

(living on the lake)

Saturday we went to Ryan's cousin's house which is on a lake for some fun in the sun.  We BBQ'd, played drinking games and lounged through the afternoon in what felt like a vacation setting. 

(rock out!)

The night wrapped up with some very fun live music by a 70's cover band, Moses Jones.

(Rocco the great)

Sunday started early with a wake-up face licking from the cutest boy in the world.  While I was happy to see his face, I truly wished it was a few hours later so I could sleep in.

(Pretty patio)

Ryan and I finally planted our flower boxes and also replanted some Boxwood Shrubs that did not make it through the winter.  I am so pleased with how the front of the house looks with our bright and colorful flowers. 

(Brady's Birthday)

We attended a 1st birthday party for our friends Deb and Scott's son, Brady.  He was so happy and all smiles as he ripped through bags and boxes for fire trucks, balls, swings, clothes and toys that were all for him.

My cousin Kevin also graduated from high school this past week and we had the chance to stop by his graduation party which was filled with so many people I love... my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  My uncle Joe had just gotten back from Afghanistan after 23 months and my cousin Brian has been out of state for months serving in the Air Force.  I had not seen a lot of my family in attendance for quite some time and it really warmed my heart to have them all so close, healthy and happy.

(Crispy Tuna at Isakaya Den)

(the best way to end a meal)

Sunday night ended with some much needed girl time with my sister-in-law Peyton.  Sushi dates used to be a lot more frequent for us but we had not had one in quite some time so we filled up on delicious food, advice, laughs and sisterly bonding.  I see so much of myself in Peyton and always have which is part of the reason I feel such a deep connection to her.  I just love her so much I cannot even begin to explain.

(My niece Makenzie)

Happy Memorial Day Monday!  Our 3-day weekend wrapped up with a pool party at my in-laws' house.  We went to the pool with our beautiful nieces.  As Makenzie would say, 'Ryan made me go up so high in the sky' as he threw them up in the air in the pool and their floaties caught them right as they touched the water.

(Damn good wings)

Monday afternoon was spent with my family for an early dinner and a lot of dog playing.  My sister has 1 pup, my parents have 3 and then adding Rocco to the mix made for some serious fun at the local park as they all ran around, chased after balls and literally wore any ounce of energy they had in them out.  My mom made her famous BBQ brisket and my dad made some amazing grilled limoncello and rosemary marinated chicken wings.  Gina and I rounded out the meal with some margaritas and then angel food cake with fresh strawberries.

I am seriously exhausted and hitting the hay as soon as I wrap up this post.  I wouldn't call this weekend relaxing or lazy but I would say it was filled with so many people I love that I am honestly lucky to have had enough time to fit everything in. 


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