Flowers are Florishing

May 28, 2012
Do you remember just over a month ago when I mentioned here that I cannot wait to plant my planter boxes full of beautiful flowers, herbs and succulents?  I thought I would be doing it that coming weekend but of course, life gets in the way.  Then I thought the same for last weekend but again, too many things to do and your days slip away from you. 

(Clockwise from top left:  our front porch  /  looking down into a pot  /  plants in dirt  /  one of the zinc planter boxes my sister gave us)

I could not have been happier to have a few free hours yesterday morning to head to the nursury, pick out an array of colorful plants, oregeno, cilantro, rosemary and then two types of basil to then bring home and start digging in the dirt.  Side by side, Ryan and I started filling the planter boxes up and I must say, I am very happy with the results. My girlfriend Sara gave me a heirloom tomato plant as wel,l which happily found a home in a sunny spot on our front porch too.  I hope that sucker grows fast and starts producing some tomatoes to enjoy in a caprese salad or possibly just sliced up with a little salt and pepper (YUM!).

(Echeveria 'Subsessilis'  /  Sedum  /  Fenestraria 'Baby Toes')

I also found some awesome secculents at the grocery store previously in the week that rounded out my planting goals.  I need to find the right shallow vessel to put them in so right now their semi-perminant home is in a sunny window.  On one of the blogs I love to read, The Lovely Cupbord, Heather had a guest blogger write about planting/caring for succulents.  I knew succulents did well in warm, dry climates but who knew they were the plant that thrives the most from a lack of attention?! 

After my plants take root and start to florish,  I will post some pictures to see how they are taking shape.  Until then, I think  I will be spending a lot of time on my front porch, taking in the happiness they bring me.


  1. They look great! Good for you attempting herbs-I've killed too many, so my husband had a little herb buying intervention with me. Now I just garden vicariously through other people, like you:)

  2. So happy you planted!! Looks great!


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