Put it in the Bucket

June 5, 2012
I make lists for nearly everything under the sun... from grocery items, packing for a trip, things I need to do, questions to ask my husband, honestly the list goes on.  A few weeks ago I made a list of all the things I would like to do this summer that I am now entitling my 'Summer Bucket List'. 

Well, this list has been added to, revised and frankly beaten up a bit as it has been stuck to the top of my laptop sense its inception.  So I decided to put it into a more permanent place that I can look back on come fall and see what I was able to accomplish.  Here we go...

  1.  Ride my bike at least once a week - could be a quick jaunt to the farmers market, a long ride down a Denver bike path or a fun after work ride.  FYI... I am sticking to this one thus far as I took my bike out just last night go grab dinner.
  2. Take a camping trip - the tentative date is late in July, I just need to book a campsite.
  3. Hike Chautauqua Park trails - I am not a huge hiker but I have heard so many great things about the trails at this historic park just outside of Boulder, CO followed up by a well-deserved tasty brunch.
  4. Farmer's Market trips - I am a such a lover of fresh produce and my local farmer's market is just over a mile away... I hope to be filling my belly with heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, peaches and peppers all summer long.
  5. Landscape my backyard - this process is underway as I mentioned here.  I cannot wait to share the final before/after photos.
  6. Have a summer BBQ - Ryan and I have been talking for years about having a huge party to celebrate the backyard being finished.  My thought is doing a 'Cuban Theme' with mojitos, BBQ'd pork for cubano sandwiches, cigars, amazing music and tons of great lighting to keep the party going into the evening hours.
  7. Hang our wedding photos up - we got married 8 months ago, my 3 favorite photos were printed nearly 2 months ago and they are still sitting in a box.  These babies need to be framed and hung, end of story.
  8. Go on a vacation - yes I would love to go somewhere exotic but honestly a long weekend a way, a surprise quick trip or even just a staycation with the man of my dreams for a couple days would be heaven in my mind.
  9. Increase my viewership on my blog - yes, maybe this goal is an odd one to share but it is very true.  I would like to gain new readers, grow my site and further connect with the blogger world.  Hopefully some of the plans I am developing will help with this goal.
  10. Be a better friend - another odd goal but i would truly like to focus on being a better listener, more dedicated friend, connect with those I love on a more regular basis and just tell my friends on a regular basis how much they truly mean to me.
Wish me luck... I will make sure I continue to update you all on how these goals are coming along!


  1. Great goals! I know you will make them all happen!

  2. What wonderful goals! I am new to your blog and stumbled a crossed it! Have a fabulous week!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by; I hope you visit often and follow me through my blogging adventure.


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