Special Delivery

April 18, 2012
Last night I was welcomed home by my amazing husband, my boy Rocco and a package from UPS.  While the first two showered me in kisses and lots of jumping around (I am talking about my dog here!) another item in a large white slender box was glaring at me from across, just begging me to walk over and open it. 
Let me go back real quick and give a bit of 'Pre-Blog' information about myself.  I am a recent newlywed by approximately six months.  I became a Mrs. in October 2011 when I married the man of my dreams after 10 years of being together.  All of our friends and family gathered in one room, my dad walking me down the aisle in our beautiful Catholic Church, dancing the night away in our modern art-gallery reception and feeling more beautiful and loved than any other day of my life.  To say it was utterly amazing would be an understatement from my point of view.
Well, to catch us all back up to present day, the one thing we having been working on getting together are a few of our favorite wedding photographs to display in our home.  To say we procrastinated going through the hundreds of photos is a total understatement because I think sludge moved quicker than we did to sit down at the computer and sort through. 
However, I am pleased to announce a beautiful white box wrapped with a ribbon and filled with sheets of cream tissue paper encased a few 5x7’s and the following prints in 11x14 that I am now going to get matted and framed to hang in my house.  I just love the effect added to the photos. 

I could not be happier… well I will be when they are hanging up.  I will share once they are.


  1. What beautiful pictures. A treasure to have.

    1. Thank you for the comment Mrs. Blanton! I am going to get them framed and then hang them up. I will have to take some photos and post them for you to see.

  2. I love them! Such beautiful pics.

    1. Thanks friend for the comments and support of my blog!


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