Weekend Update

June 18, 2012

(The Killer Bee)

My weekend kicked off with a late-night dinner at my ultimate favorite restaurant, Beatrice and Woodsley with my husband and brother-in-law, Luke.  We had some seriously delicious beef stroganoff, tender roasted lamb with summer ratatouille and an escargot dip that reminded me fondly of chicken pot pie in  both flavor and consistency.  Oh, and I enjoyed a ‘Killer Bee’ cocktail with just enough sugar and spice that I could have easily had 2… or 3!

(Clockwise from top left:  Becca's arrival  /  completely surprised  /  dinner  /  Forest Gump over my shoulder)

Saturday we celebrated my girlfriend Becca’s 30th birthday with a surprise party at the Hyatt’s 37th floor bar.  She was completely shocked when she walked off the elevator to find 35 of her closest friends yelling ‘surprise’ and ‘happy birthday’; it was awesome to see a surprise work out so well.

Ryan and I left the party in search of a much needed meal after multiple over-priced drinks on an empty stomach.  If you do not know, I am an anti-chain-restaurant-kind-of-girl so the humor in us stumbling into BubbaGump’s Shrimp Co. is endless.  I have never dined at the shrimp-mecca before and I was pleasantly surprised at the length the establishment went to bring the essence of the film into the atmosphere.  While the shrimp was nothing spectacular (we shared the Shrimper’s Heaven), the Shrimp Shack Mac ‘n Cheese starter had a great parmesan crust under a rich creamy cheesy macaroni that we took down like champs. 

(wake up!)

Sunday our friend Brian came over to watch the Portugal vs Netherlands soccer match (Portugal won which means lots of air-time for the very-attractive, Cristiano Ronaldo).  I grilled brats that I stuffed with jalapenos and Brian brought snacks and a Caesar salad.  I eventually took a nap with Rocco and then got up and ready to go to dinner with my family for Father’s Day.

(Clockwise from top left:  the Meat Lover & Popeye  /  menu  / dad and his girls  /  cheers to dad)

I really wanted to take my dad to Pizzeria Locale in Boulder that I wrote about here back in December but we ended up going downtown to the new, Lucky Pie followed up by dessert at The Kitchen.  I will be writing a review of Lucky Pie soon but to quickly sum it up… dinner was good, we had some seriously addictive cheese curds, a very tasty Meat Lover pie and probably lost a couple lbs. during the meal because the air condition was not working.   Did I mention that yesterday it was 90 degrees!

(sunset smiles  /  biking girl)

After my family dropped us off at home, Ryan and I busted out our workout gear and went for a bike/run.  I started biking as Ryan set off on the same trail by foot.  After a couple miles, we switched and then switched again after another mile or so.  It was the perfect ending to a great weekend as the sun slowly crept below the Rocky Mountains wishing us a good night sleep.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too that will get you through this next work week with a smile.  


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