Life Update

July 18, 2012
I mentioned about six months ago that I decided to get a second job.  It is something I have had mixed feelings about from day one but thought it would be a good way to push myself to not only earn some addition money but to put myself into situations that are out of my norm and see how I stood.  Well, I am very sad to share that I have now parted ways with the j-o-b.  

I don't know why but I am truly sad that I decided to quite, regardless of the countless reasons that I knew I couldn't stay any longer.  I was working maybe 4-6 hours a week... if that.  I had to request at least 2 days off a week because of previous commitments or events with my friends and family.  And the most obvious reason I needed to quit... I was not saving any money.  Between the discount to buy merchandise and the gas to get there, the debt on my credit card was not going anywhere.

I doubt any of you really care but I wanted to just take a moment and put my thoughts down.  I am sad to leave a tight-knit group of women that made you want to do your best.  I am disappointed I will not have an outlet to test my patience and fears on a regular basis.  Last, I am sad to walk away from something that I truly did enjoy... regardless of how crazy that sounds.  

Thank you for putting up with this odd post. :)


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