Weekend Update

July 17, 2012
I was reminded today that I have been a bit absent in the posts over the past couple of days and I have to admit... I have been.  However, it is for good reason and I have a couple post coming together that will further prove this point.  Until then, here is a quick update on what has kept me away from my computer but full of smiles, laughter, sore muscles and complete happiness...

My sister turned 30... I mentioned it here.  We had quite the celebration and I cannot wait to share more of the details.

(Mariah, Gina and Ashley)

I spent some serious time with this guy.... my little Rocco.  He was acting a bit scared when I took this picture before bed one night but oh how cute is he?!?!

(Rocco going to bed)

We had 9 tons of rock delivered on Friday to start filling in our planter beds.  When I told  my mom 9 tons on the phone she said 'Nine, is that what I heard?!' and my sassy response was, 'Yes mom, as in the number after 8 and before 10'.  (I am such a snot sometimes!)

(Clockwise from top left:  the 1st plant in the ground  /  hooray for backyard greenery  /  Ryan working hard /  weed barrier in, waiting on rock  /  we had to rent a truck to bring everything home  /  working hard)

Six laborious hours on Saturday, 1 1/2 hours Sunday and an hour last night hauling rock and I can proudly say we are done laying weed barrier, planting 15 new shrubs and laying the majority of the rock.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and I cannot wait to share all the fun from my sister's birthday and another update on our backyard later this week!


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