Project Backyard, Nearly Complete

July 23, 2012
I cannot believe the changes that have occurred over the past 2 months in my backyard.  I mentioned our big backyard renovation here and I am still utterly shocked to see the transformation that is nearly complete.  If I could pinpoint one element of the backyard that has really made a huge difference would be the sod that was installed just last Friday.  We are having to water 4 times a day, 60 minutes each time (anyone want to make a donation to my water bill?!) to get the sod to take in the 90+ degree Colorado heat but it will all be worth it when Rocco is running his heart out.  All I am waiting for now is our patio furniture to show up in the mail and a BBQ with friends and family.

(Clockwise from top left:  the view after walking out of my house  /  rock and plants  /  shrub with yellow flowers  /  clematis growing up the trellis /  view from the back fence  /  clematis in bloom  /  Ryan and I basking in our hard work  /  rock and grasses)


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