Weekend Update

July 3, 2012
What a productive weekend it was in the Lopez household. 

Friday we had a romantic picnic for two in the park that you can read about here.

Saturday was an early start with Rocco getting groomed, Ryan and I hitting the gym and then stopping by the Farmer’s Market… all before 10a! 

(Clockwise from top left: new digs on the patio  /  retaining wall  /  patio /  feet on the patio  /  home depot) 

We built a retaining wall for a section of the backyard that is going to (soon) house plants and a couple new linear trees.  3 trips to Home Depot and 3 hours of laborious work in 96 degree heat resulted in a final product I could not be happier with.  We also picked up an umbrella and a new outdoor rug from Target to add some love to our patio.

(Clockwise from top left:  The Lopez's working away  /  Rocco having fun in the dirt  /  starting up the rototill  /  feet by the edging  /  Ryan rototilling)

Sunday called for more toil in the backyard as we prepped for our new sprinkler system (enter me jumping up and down for joy as I cannot wait to never water by hand again!).  Ryan rented a 13-horse power-rototiller to break up the dead grass/weeds/hard soil/crab apples.  With the help of his dad, grandpa and brother, we made quick work of leveling the soil and grading it away from the house.  We then installed edging to layout where the grass will end and rock/plants will begin.

I think I was in bed by 10p last night and was out by 10:05p.  I woke up with some seriously sore muscles, tired eyes and yet, a giddy excitement that this backyard project is really coming together after a lot of sweat, work and planning.


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