Birchbox - August

August 15, 2012
Hooray for August as it has brought me another Birchbox, full of fun new products I cannot wait to get my hands on.  For starters, I was giddy to see Juicy Couture's 'La Fleur' perfume (and I quote, 'fruity top notes combined with heady honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine') and a new Schick razor.  To say that razor blades are over priced is a complete understatement because they are ridiculously expensive so, to save $5 and not have to replace my own for a week or two is enough to celebrate on its own.  

This month also brought a WEI mud mask and also, buffing beads which, when added to a daily cleanser becomes an antioxidant-packed exfoliant.  My interest was also perked by Beauty Fixation's cuticle conditioner which looks like little q-tips that you rub on your cuticles daily to soften and condition your nail beds.  

I cannot say enough what a delight it is to open my mail box once a month to be surprised by the fun new products I get introduced to.  Hooray to Birchbox, you bring so much happiness to me!


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