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August 3, 2012

I am obviously no mathematician because when I decided to do a guest post every Friday for the month of July, I didn't realized that there was 5 weeks in the month, not 5 Fridays.  Oops!  Well, I am happy to bring you my final guest post of the 'month', Lisa from Peridot Skys.  She has become a great blogging friend, supporter and push for me.  Please visit her blog to be fancied by arm parties, great DIY's and fashion updates that are completely on trend...

Hi my name is Lisa!  I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I moved with my boys to Kansas City 7 years ago.  We love it here! I am the mother to three wonderful sons, and Mimi to two grandsons with my third due this fall.  I can shop every day and never get bored.  I love to decorate, style and try new things.  I am a big fan of DIY too!    I started blogging January of just this year.  I knew it was something I wanted to start all last year but wanted to research before I launched!   I started blogging mainly because I truly enjoy all the blogs I follow and I am a very social person so it seemed perfect for me!  It is a place to share my personal opinions and style!  

Blogging really hasn’t changed who I am.  I stay very true to my personality and my style.  I learned following trends is costly and sometimes a personal fashion faux paus.  It may be in style, but every style isn’t for everyone!  When I post something it is a genuine reflection of my style.  If I have changed at all since blogging, it would be that I experience so much more when researching for a post that I don’t think I would ever have noticed!  And I take so many more pictures!!

Something that people generally don’t know about me is that I am very detail oriented.   I can remember such fine details to events.  I can remember what I wore, or what day of the week an event was, or even topics of conversations.  Generally it is the sort of thing people gloss over.  I am very good at faces too!  I am no Marilu Henner though!!

My Favorite food to eat really isn’t a food, but rather a food group!  I am a sweets freak.  Pastries, cookies, cakes, you name it!  I could eat cake all day if left to my own devices.  My latest obsession is French Macarons! Yum!

If I could have lunch with one person dead or alive it would be my sister Donna, she passed away seven years ago.  We would enjoy a fine bottle of Pinot Grigio and eat Brie and have a wildly conversation with no direction in mind.  Donna had a great sense of style and it would be delightful to here her perspective on the change in trends and the pop of neon and color block.  She was a Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers kind of girl!

Thanks Jamie for having me!


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