With a heavy heart...

August 28, 2012

It is only late morning on a Tuesday (early in the work week, my first day back to the office after a 3 day weekend) yet it feels like a rug has been pulled out from under my feet and I am lost on the floor trying to pick myself up.


A dear friend from work has lost his battle with brain cancer this morning after fighting for three and a half years.  Keith and I have worked together for six years and through that time, we became very close friends.  We would shoot-the-shit on lazy afternoons, talk about my aspirations to become a food writer, find solace through humor about the horrible effects of chemo, tell stories about our families and be there for each other when we just needed a pick me up. 

Our office is eerily quiet as so many are reflecting and mourning the loss of their friend.  He was held in such high regard and someone who made us all better people.  The time had come for him to move on from this chapter in his life into his next yet, I still feel so much pain (just like so many others) as I am left missing my friend.

Keith… I will miss you shouting ‘J-Lo!’ from across the room, the Beatles songs you blared from your office, your one-liners that were so quick-witted, your smile, our inside jokes, your honest feedback, hearing about your endless love for your wife and family and most importantly, your ability to bring everyone together regardless of friction, opinion or chaos. 


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