Weekend Update

August 27, 2012
What a weekend... where do I begin?  

(Clockwise from top left:  me  /  fig and arugula pizza  /  signage  /  Gina  /  potatoes and chorizo)

Friday started with drinks and Spanish tapas at two-week-old, Al Lado.  Gina and I caught up over sangria, pineapple-gin-fizzes and some great snacks.  Plan on a restaurant review from me very soon.  We walked around  Riverfront after dinner and it was the perfect combination of silly, relaxing and fun.

(Clockwise from top left:  the girls  /  Beth and I  /  bday balloon  /  chinchilly from Essie)

Saturday was the much anticipated birthday party for my best girl Beth!  We booked a suite at the Hyatt, put up some fun decorations, made some great snacks and then filled the room with the best group of girls we could think of... all in celebration of Beth's big day.   Drinks were flowing, nails were painted and I just hope Beth had as much fun as I did.  Oh... and did I mention I might have sneaked in one very cute man with me to celebrate too?  Rocco's first hotel stay!

(balloon over Steamboat)

(our Anniversary gift)

Sunday Ryan and I drove to Steamboat, CO to celebrate our friend Jaime's parent's 30th wedding anniversary.  Their 'Pearl Anniversary' was quite the celebration... a beautiful tent lit up in strung lights, a delicious raw bar, live music, drinks were flowing and so many people attended to wish Bill and Lauren another 30 years of happiness.  I really wish I didn't get hit with a killer headache mid-party because I had to duck out a bit early to get into a quite-dark space but I was just so thankful to be part of the celebration.

Next weekend is Labor Day so I can only imagine that I will have another weekend of fun... lets hope!  What did you do this past weekend?


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