A Night at the Oxford

September 20, 2012

I had the ultimate pleasure of staying in the Presidential Suite at The Oxford Hotel last night; hooray for freebies because it was such a wonderful time.  This historic and prestigious hotel opened its doors to Ryan, Rocco (hooray for pet friendly!) and I for a night of relaxation, fun and a night away from home.

(sipping tea prior to my massage)

I got a massage at the Oxford Club earlier in the day and then Ryan met me for dinner and drinks a bit later.  

(east coast and west coast oysters on the half shell)

The Oceanaire Seafood Room filled our bellies with freshly shucked oysters, tasty cocktails a spicy shrimp and grits dish that pleasantly surprised me.  We settled into our stately digs in room 510 after dinner, playing fetch with Rocco and watching our favorite show in our PJ's.  I woke up to kisses from my baby Rocco and the most beautiful view of the sun creeping through buildings around us.  

Walking Rocco through the streets of LoDo with a coffee in hand this morning was the perfect start to my day, which I hope to add to my normal morning routine at home.  The night was just the perfect surprise... a balance of something new with all the comforts of home.

(not the best pic but ohhhh I love you tub)

Oh... and how ahhh-mazing is this clawfoot tub that I got to swim around in this morning?  I couldn't resist and I am not even that much of a bath-goer.  


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