Weekend Update // End of Summer Party

September 17, 2012
Oh how I love a good party and I would like to think everyone who came to our End of Summer/ Wedding Anniversary Party would agree that ours was a success.  We had about 35 of our friends and family over for one last night under the stars before cooler weather rolls in.  

(Clockwise from top left:  my parents  /  people hanging out on the partio  /  Ryan, Darren and his girls  /  Mariah, myself & Lindy  /  Beth and Rocco  /  Ryan and his sister Peyton and brother Luke)

Ryan worked his butt off on our yard; getting it in such pristine condition for everyone to see.  We got our three new pine trees planted last Friday too and they really finish off the our yard nicely (I cannot wait until they are towering over me looking lush and strong).  People were very surprised at the transformation so it was fun to see people's reactions to their previous memories of the space.

I put out a big taco bar for everyone to enjoy and nothing was left by the end of the night so I guess it turned out okay.  With the help of our friends Hunter and Beth, we mixed up some tasty cocktails too... Sweet Tea Vodka with Lemonade and Red Sangria.  Candles kept things softly lit as the sun crept behind the foothills and heaters warmed us up as the temperatures dropped into the low 60's.  

(Clockwise from top left:  Matt, Rocco, Gina, Mariah & Lindy  /  Drinks  /  Ryan's parents John and Liz  /  Matt, Chad and Nick  /  Nicole, 4 week old Ainsley, Chelsea and Jonnie  /  Me and my sangria)

The night was highlighted by my Dad 'kicking ass and taking names' on the Beer Pong table.  He had never played before but after I coerced him into it, he surprised us all as he made shot after shot and took down Ryan and our friend Ashley. 

I love to host and provide for people... it is like giving those you care about a big hug and welcoming them into your world.  The chaos before people show up is a bubbly mix of excitement and joy, I find happiness in pouring myself into every detail and then seeing people laughing and smiling makes all the work worth it.  This might be my last party of the summer but another one will be around the corner before I know it.  


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