Weekend Update

September 23, 2012
(Peyton and Austin)

(Peyton, 4th from the right, and her Junior girlfriends)

(Brother and Sister)

Homecoming 2012 was upon us this weekend as my sister-in-law Peyton attended on Saturday with her boyfriend Austin.  Of course she looked beautiful in her BCBG dress, black accessories and corsage.  I typically get to do her makeup (which I just love because she is always so pleased with it) but also had fun giving her a mani/pedi and doing her hair this year too.

(Ryan and I circa 2001 Homecoming)

It is crazy to see how the styles and fashions have changed since we were in high school over ten years ago.  All the dresses are shorter, tighter and much more fun than the formality we had in the early 2000's.  Oh and how hilarious is that picture of Ryan and I?!?!  It really does bring me back to when we first started dating just before our senior year started.  

Side note, I never went to a high school dance in a group larger than 6-8 people but Peyton had nearly 50 people in her group... how sorry I feel for the waiters who had to wait on that many kids at once with separate checks!

(I tried to get everyone in the shot but failed)


She said it was so much fun and of course loved every minute of it.  I think that makes for a successful school dance so I could not be happier for her!  Love you girl.

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  1. Hahaha, Ryan's homecoming outfit is awesome! I think all guys dressed like that back then...pleated khakis and black shirts.


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