Celebrating 29

October 17, 2012
I honestly can say I have the most thoughtful and genuine friends and family who never cease to amaze me when my birthday rolls around.  They pulled out all the stops for my 29th birthday and made me feel so loved! 

(From left:  Gina  /  Luke  /  Me  /  Lindy  /  Matt  /  Beth  /  Krista  /  Ryan)

Thursday night my husband took me to one of our favorite places for dinner, Cherry Creek Grill.  
Friday night I had dinner and drinks (and more drinks) with some of my besties at Root Down.  

(Clockwise from top left:  my girls at Z Cuisine  /  my tequila daisy cocktail  /  girlfriends at Forest Room 5  /  my mother and father-in-law  /  menu  /  Ashley and I)

Saturday was the Pumpkin Festival, followed by the best Culinary Tour of Denver.  We walked all over lower-highlands, stopping in some of the best dining spots in Denver for drinks and snacks until we arrived at our final destination to be greeted/surprised/over-joyed/amazed/shocked by even more family and friends!!!  

(Clockwise from top left:  Friends at Forest Room 5  /  Beth, Mariah and Mary  /  Sisters  /  happy Ryan and Beth  /  Lindy and I  /  Cocktails at Root Down)

Then if it could not get any better, Sunday was filled with R&R at my parent's house and a tasty dinner of chili rellenos, beans and green chili (my personal request to my dad).  

I cannot begin to say thank you enough to everyone who made my birthday so special.  I am overcome with love! 


  1. It was such a fun night! And yes I'm putting this out there...though Forrest Room 5 was SUCH a blast, secretly my most favorite part was the times spent giggling in the car, cozied up at Central, picking our favorite drinks at Root Down, watching the bartender at Z Cuisine! LYLAS, friend!!!!!

    1. Beth I 100% agree. It are those moments that will stand out in my mind forever and that I am so grateful for. LYLAS!

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