Pumpkin Festival

October 16, 2012
This past weekend I got to attend one of my favorite fall events, the Botanic Gardens' Pumpkin Festival.  It was a family-filled fantastic morning as my in-laws brought their beautiful daughters, my sister-in-law Peyton brought her boyfriend and my husband's parents attended too.  We hunted through the hundreds of pumpkins in the patch to find some winners to take home.  

(Clockwise from top left:  John, Peyton, Liz, Ryan, Makenzie, Krista, Kamryn, Luke and I)

It was a brisk fall morning that gave great lighting for some impromptu family photos and some great shots in the corn maze.  We drank pumpkin spice lattes, snacked on kettle corn and watched our nieces giggle with delight as they found the perfect pumpkins to take home.  

(Above:  Luke, Krista, Makenzie and Kamryn  Below:  Ryan and I)

My niece Kamryn was so in love with her green pumpkin (which she called her pink punkin') that she would not put it down the whole day.  Honestly, we had to nearly pry it out of her hands to get into the car to go home.  

(Family that I love)


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