Farm Dinner at Shannon Red Barn Farm

October 30, 2012
(top: the sign welcoming us  /  bottom:  enjoying the beautiful fall weather)

I had one of the most unique and wonderful evenings a week ago now when my husband and I drove up to Boulder for a Fall Farm Dinner at Shannon Red Barn Farm.  The evening was perfect from beginning to end; amazing ambiance, endless platters of delicious food, great company, laughs, drinks, conversation for hours, and sights and smells that will stay with me forever.

(the menu)

Upon arrival we were greeted by a tall windmill, antique wagons, strung lights and a large red brick farm that dates back to the early 1900's.  Passed hors d'oeuvres  were served outside as the sun was lowering towards the foothills and guests could watch chef Hosea Rosenberg (the winner of Bravo's 'Top Chef: Season 5') and his team working on our dinner to come.  My favorite hors d'oeuvres were green grapes rolled in a thin layer of goat cheese, finely crushed pistachios and topped with a drop of truffle oil.  Another favorite was the silky roasted butternut squash soup that was blended with fresh sage and topped with diced apples and smoky walnuts.  Both of these paired nicely with the Cava Brut we were sipping on, out in the field of the farm.

(Clockwise from top:  sun setting on Shannon Red Barn Farm  /  butternut squash soup  /  Ryan and I  /  cauliflower with fresh herbs and briny capers  /  my place-setting)

Ryan and I joined forty-three other dinners in the renovated milk farm for a family-style dinner.  A wooden staircase took us up to a shabby-chic decorated barn, adorned with Americana items like chalkboard signs, flags, wooden artwork and white wicker chairs that were each unique in their own way.  Long tables topped with pumpkins, branches, candles and the night's menu lined Live bluegrass music filled the barn from the very talented, Ransom Notes which lent another layer to the magical environment.  

(Clockwise from top:  Welcome sign inside the barn  /  lamb shank and polenta  /  chocolate mousse layered between philo and topped with berries  /  kale salad with fall fruit and shaved queso de mano cheese)

Dinner was a multi-course affair paired with wine that included highlights such as roasted brussels sprouts and purple fingerlings potatoes that were mixed with succulent Blackbelly Farms pork belly and tangy pomegranate seeds.  I also could not get enough of the red wine braised Colorado lamb shanks that were crazy-tender, deeply in rich flavor and served with the best grits I have ever eaten... period.  The grits were blended with slightly salty parmigiano-reggiano cheese and topped with stewed tomatoes and peppery arugula which when eaten together, created balance in flavor and texture.  

(Clockwise from top right:  an antique wagon in the farm  /  chef Hosea describing our first course  /  the table we sat at for dinner)

Our farm dinner was honestly one of the most unique meals and experiences I have ever had.  It was something I went into not knowing too much about yet, I have always wanted to do.  It is something I hope I have the pleasure of doing again, as I will hold this night so fondly in my heart for years to come.  

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  1. I thought this was an amazing night - the champagne, wine, and food was everything I expected. I hope we do it again in the future and would absolutely recommend the experience to anyone.


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