Root Vegetable Pot Pie

October 5, 2012
Last night the temperature dipped into the 40's and it just felt right to cook up a dish that warms you up from the inside out... a dish that is not to heavy but filling and full of great flavor.  Ryan and I invited Beth over for Root Vegetable Pot Pie which kept the cool weather at bay while giving us a delicious meal to enjoy together.

(Clockwise from top left:  veggies being peeled  /  ready to roast  /  wine, broth and herbs ready to hit the pot  /  olive oil)

Slow-roasted parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes and onions caramelized in the oven with olive oil, fresh thyme, salt and pepper.  A simple sauce was whisked together using wine instead of heavy cream (as you see in classic pot pies), a bit of flour, vegetable stock, butter and then more spices to give the sauce depth.  Traditional pie crust was not part of this dish, instead, phyllo dough was placed atop the veggie/sauce combo and baked to create light and flaky layers.

(Clockwise from top left:  Beth and Ryan ready to eat  /  my pot pie, right out of the oven  /  pouring the bubbly sauce onto my roasted veggies)

The pot pie came together really well for my first attempt with a gooey sauce that highlighted the root vegetables and crust perfectly.  I think I might add additional vegetables next go-around and/or some chicken for a bit of extra protein.  Yet, with great company, lively conversation and a couple bottles of wine, I think this was the perfect way to celebrate a cool night in.

This recipe is from William Sonoma and is available here.


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