30x30 Remix

October 8, 2012
How many days a week do you stand in front of your closet looking at a jam-packed space filled to the brim and yet think, 'I have nothing to wear!'.  I will admit I do this at least 3 times a week... and I hate it.  

Nearly a year ago I started reading the fashion blog, Kendi Everyday and I instantly was mesmerized by her ability to mix and match her clothes into endless outfits and combinations.  I then was blown away when I saw Kendi's '30x30 Remix' where she took 30 items in her wardrobe and wore those and only those pieces for an entire month.  

(Kendi's Fall 2010 items)

Lately I have become obsessed with the idea of shopping my wardrobe and trying to take on my own 30x30 Remix.  With the seasons changing and the endless images on blogs, magazines, TV and Pinterest, I keep feeling like I need to go buy a bunch of new fall items when in fact, I am sure I have endless options in my closet already.

(Kendi's Fall 20120 items)

So... starting next Monday, 10/15 I am going to instate my very own 30x30 Remix and overhaul my blog for the following 30 days with what I hope will be endlessly cute outfits out of only 30 pieces in my closet.  I will post my 30 items in the coming days to show you what I will be working with and then post pictures of what I wear each day to share with you all.  

Anyone want to join my 30x30 Remix Challenge?!?!?


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