Weekend Update

October 8, 2012
Oh how I love when my weekends have no plans.  I can make it up as I go and feel like my time is in fact, my time.  How crazy is that idea?

(my left over pizza box)

Friday Ryan and I went to LaLa's for a relaxing dinner of pasta and pizza.  It was rain/snowing outside, my pinot noir was the perfect balance of fruity and dry and the conversation was flowing as usual.

(Rocco and I playing cards)

Saturday morning was spent lingering in my pj's, sipping coffee, starting my new novel, Thy Neighbor and snuggling with Rocco.  Errands were run, some new gym clothes were purchased at Gap Body and then we had a fun night-in, making dinner and playing cards.  My sister came over along with Ryan's college friend Chuck for grilled walleye, a fresh salad, flaky croissants and roasted veggies.  

(Sunday Brunch at the Lopez's)

We got up early for Sunday Brunch at my in-law's house.  The morning was filled with endless giggles from my beautiful nieces Makenzie and Kamryn, a super tasty breakfast casserole, strong coffee, sweet mimosas and NFL football.  I also got in some serious cuddling from Kamryn as she kept putting us 'nite nite' with every blanket she could toss on top of us. 

(Rocco was utterly exhausted after brunch; he fell asleep in Ryan's arm driving home... my love of this dog is out of control!)

Don't even get me started on the horrible performance from the Broncos' offense, defense and special teams because I am trying to forget our loss to the Patriots.  However, watching the game with Ryan's parents was a lot of fun.  We wrapped up the night with one of my favorite meals... beans, chili and homemade tortillas (YUM!).

Hoping each of you had a fabulous weekend too.  I would love to hear what you did!


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