30x30 Remix Finale

November 11, 2012
(wow... that's a lot of me)

I am no mathematician but I can even see that there are only 25 pictures in the montage above.  Why you might ask am I posting a finale for my 30x30 Remix with 2 days to go?  Well, I was a bit lazy/procrastinating/tired of bothering Beth and Ryan to take my photos and missed the last 3 days of outfit photos so I am calling this challenge early.  

I will admit that I never cheated and even though I do not have a photo to prove it, I followed the 30x30 each day.  Furthermore, I could add the final 2 days to the image above but there would not be symmetry to the layout and that just does not work in my world.  

Everyone including myself will probably enjoy seeing a lot fewer pictures of myself on this little blog of mine on a daily basis.  However, I am completely open to doing this challenge again because it really forced me to think of the items in my closet differently.  I found out that I have a lot more options in my closet than I originally thought and that my personal style (simple and classic pieces along with bright accessories to add into the mix) is very applicable to creating versatile outfits.  Until next time... I am very happy with how this Remix turned out.


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