Canvas and Cocktails

November 1, 2012
A little painting went down last week at Canvas and Cocktails.  If you have not heard of this place (or don't have one in your city) you are missing out.  

(Clockwise from top left:  Liz and Meghan  /  All finished up  /  Krista's witch in the sky)

Every night there is a different painting which instructors lead you through step-by-step while fun up-beat music plays to get your creative juices flowing.  Even better, they serve cocktails!  So, if you are feeling a little unambitious, a little liquid courage always helps.  The paintings range from landscapes to abstract, animals to holiday-inspired themes.

(My final product)

I have been to Canvas and Cocktails at least a dozen times now and some paintings are better than others for sure (most often dependent upon the intake of alcohol on my part!).  This painting is definitely one of my favorites because it is a new item I can add to my Fall home decor.  


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