Rocco's Surgery

November 28, 2012
Black Friday for my family did not include shopping at wee hours in the morning or checking items off of our holiday buying list... nope not at all.  Our Friday instead was scheduled around our little Rocco.  After 13 months, he finally got neutered.

(Lounging on the couch this weekend)

I will admit, I was very nervous for this event.  I even shed a couple tears after I handed Rocco over to the Vet Tech because he was shaking in fear of what I could only guess would be sadness of losing his big ol'.... you get the idea.  

Rocco was a bit delirious when we picked him up but of course he proved yet again that he is a very brave boy.  On top of the neuter, Rocco also had 5 baby teeth pulled that never fell out naturally.  With the help of some pain medication and a lot of cuddling from Ryan and I, Rocco is recovering well.  We spent 90% of our weekend on the couch relaxing and keeping our baby cone-free which I know he appreciated.

(At the Broadmoor Hotel a couple weeks ago)

Oh brave Rocco, I am just so happy you are safe, healthy, happy and all mine to love like crazy.   


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