Eat This // Man Candy

January 24, 2013
I am starting a new series on this little blog of mine focusing on the food of the moment that everyone needs to try.

(delicious glorious man candy)

Kicking off this series is the oddly named but extremely decadent, 'man candy' from the year-old restaurant, Ignite.  The man candy is one of the starters on Ignite's menu that is for any and all bacon lovers out there.  Thick-cut bacon rolled in rich brown sugar, spicy red pepper and fresh cracked pepper and then slowly cooked so the sugar barely caramelizes on the bacon.  One bite of this salty, sweet, chewy and rich snack will get your tastebuds salivating for more of Ignite's urban gastro pub fare.  


  1. I couldn't possibly agree more! Delicious!

  2. This stuff really is to die for. Why oh why can't they have a vegan option of it?!


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