Our Home // Dining Room Update

January 23, 2013
As I have mentioned a time or two, I have been living in my 1922 brick bungalow for just over 3 years now.  It is crazy to think about the major changes my husband and I have done to the house like painting, replacing the original windows, updating light fixtures and of course our big backyard renovation.  Yet what I find even more crazy is how we over look so many little projects that can make such a huge difference in the look and feel of our home.

(before: our dining room window)

So where am I going with this... oh, our dining room.  We have a huge glass window in our dining room that floods our house with tons of natural light.  Yet, as much as I love the light, it is a  nightmare to watch tv in our adjoining living room if the sun is up.  Ryan suggested that we go buy 'curtains' and while the term he used made me burst out laughing, I had to agree the idea seemed perfect.

(Ryan drilling the holes for our holdbacks)

We went to one of our favorite stores, West Elm and picked out a pair of the scribble window panels as they were lined linen to block some light but mostly because they were a beautiful shade of grey in a large whimsical pattern   To save some money, we then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to find a brushed gun-metal rod and matching holdbacks.

(after:  our cozier, soothing and styled dining room)

I am so smitten with the end result.  The room has a softness that it was drastically lacking.  The scale of the pattern on the window panels feels right and the room now feels so much more complete.  I have to give 100% credit to Ryan for his suggestion and I am loving that this little change makes such a major impact to our home.  


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