Weekend Update

January 7, 2013
Denver finally had a weekend where the temperature reached above freezing!  This gave us the chance to take down the Christmas lights, do a little winter yard maintenance and let Rocco run around outside for more than 2 minutes at a time.

(one of my favorite lunch spots  /  cheers to great friends  /  ryan and I  /  rocco up and at 'um  /  breakfast before the gym  /  matt and lindy)

We had the most fabulous, fun, delicious and decadent dinner with our great friends Matt and Lindy at Z Cuisine.  I wrote a review about it here and I was so happy to go back and get to try more of the amazing menu.

Friday also brought a tasty lunch at Hutch and Spoon with Beth who just got back from CA.

Ryan, Rocco and I are still adjusting to our back-to-work sleeping schedules.  Rocco has been such a night terror this past week, waking up at all hours of the wee-morning from 3a to 5a (this is crazy early in our household).  He obviously got off his normal sleeping schedule during Ryan and I's holiday staycation and is not quite grasping that mommy and daddy are back to work and regular sleeping times.  

We tried out a new recipe from Trisha Yearwood's new cookbook... uncle wilson's stuffed bell peppers.

How was your weekend... what did you do?


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