My Batmobile // Night Camo... Goodbye

January 7, 2013
10 years ago I was 19 and just wrapping up my freshman year at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  I was getting ready to move home for the summer as I was transferring to the Denver campus of CU.  I was going to start to drive to/from campus which meant I needed a car.  I bought a 2003 Chevy Caviler and over the next 6 years, paid it off... all by myself.  It was the very first car I ever owned entirely by myself and I must say it was quite an accomplishment then and even now.

(one of the few pictures of my batmobile last winter (2011).  Oh and little Rocco when he was only a few months old... so cute he is)

Over the years, my pristine two-door car started to show its age and somehow adopted the name  the batmobile.  There was a pretty long scratch along the driver-side door from a mis-judgement I had in how tight I could cut a corner into parking spot next to a brick wall.  The trunk and bumper also received a couple dings and dents from some unfortunate contact from my mother and father in-laws' vehicles.  Oh, and after a 90 year-old-man hit me leaving a Whole Foods, I somehow loss all ability to use my defrost and feet heaters (but who needs either of those living in Denver in the winter?!?!).  However, the worse was what my grandfather-in-law called my 'night camo' which was the extreme amount of faded paint that made my car hood and roof look like it was haphazardly custom painted in shades of black and grey.

(dropping my batmobile off at the dealership.  my new car is just behind.  look how sad that paint is)

My little batmobile was far from attractive after 10 years, yet through all the mishaps, I have always loved my car.  It was the first major purchase I ever made alone.  My little pride and joy regardless of how ugly it looked to everyone else.  So, it was even harder to get rid of when I bought a new car!

(my new car)

Say what?!?!  Yes, after much decision making, online shopping, test driving and contemplation, it was time to upgrade to a safer and more stylish vehicle.  Enter... my new Hyundai Elantra GT.  I am completely in love with the change and my new car but I don't know if I will ever lose all the heartstrings I have to my old Caviler.  

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  1. I know how you feel! I'm going to be getting rid of Sophia Solara this year and although I want something newer and larger, I've driven her for 8 years and paid every dollar myself.

    Congrats on the new purchase!


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