Weekend Update

January 21, 2013
I can sum up my weekend in one word... productive.  

I was able to maximize my time to not only get some major projects completed around the house (more on that later) but to also spend it with some friends and family.  Ryan and I went to the Nuggets game on Friday which was followed by drinks with friends, made a trip to the mall to replace some clothing, had an amazing lazy lunch at one of our favorite places, watched the DU Pioneers basketball team take a victory over Utah State and ate delicious mexican with our friend Brian.  I also got the pleasure of picking up my sister from her week-long trip to Hawaii, was terrified out of my mind watching the movie Mama and picked up a new food/water mat for baby Rocco, which he loves!  I feel like this long weekend packed in so much yet I feel rested and ready for the work days ahead.

What did you accomplish this weekend?  


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