Love Notes

February 13, 2013
I am a huge sucker for card giving.  I love hand written notes and with Valentine's Day a day away, there are literally hundreds of cards to choose from.  While a stop into your local grocery store can do the trick, I have found so many more personal and endearing options on etsy, in anthropologie and local boutique shops around town. 

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As part of my yearly traditions, I picked up a couple sweet cards for my husband and then these cute cards below for my bestest girlfriends.  A few of them read my blog so I hope I did not ruin the Valentine's surprise I am sending their way.


  1. love these cards! I found a funny one for my guy, can't wait to give it to him! happy v-day :)

  2. I just realized that Je T'Aime is two letters off from your name.


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