Sarah's Real Life // Wardrobe Challenge

February 15, 2013

I am so honored and excited to share with you all that I have been invited to be part of Sarah's Real Life, A Wardrobe Remix Challenge!

Sarah reached out to me at the beginning of the month, asking if I would participate in her wardrobe challenge which is similar to the 30x30 Remix I did last November.  However, the catch is that instead of limiting yourself to only 30 items to wear in the month, you instead take an item from day 1 and incorporate it into day 2 and so on.  So, starting on Monday 2/18, I am taking Sarah's challenge head-on for a week of wardrobe remixing.

I will make sure to post photos and share links with you all but in the mean time, please stop by Sarah's Real Life to see her great fashions, styling and real life approach to dressing yourself in the real day-to-day world that most of us live in.


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