Weekend Update

March 5, 2013
This past weekend we got to celebrate our friend mark's birthday with a surprise party at his favorite bar which was the perfect kick-off to the weekend.  I got in 2 great workouts at the gym along with attending another DU basketball game (they beat new mexico state university... hooray!), a delicious sushi dinner with our friend Brian and also made homemade belgian waffles for breakfast on sunday morning.  

I think the highlight of the weekend was our walk around wash park with rocco on sunday afternoon.  It took rocco about a 1/4 of a mile to realize that we were not going to stop every 10ft to sniff the ground but he got the hang of it and made some new friends along the way.  It was nearly 60 degrees on sunday and I could not have been happier to take advantage of the great weather by being outside.  A bonus... rocco slept like a dream because the walk thoroughly exhausted him (a success in my book).  


  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! It always feels so nice when you can get workouts in on the weekends.


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