Denver Digs // New Tree For Our Yard

April 21, 2013
Our front yard got some new life in it this weekend, courtesy of denver digs; a foundation that works to preserve and enhance the urban forest of denver.  Every spring and fall, residents of the city can apply for a free tree to plant in designated areas within their yard.  This spring, denver digs let you choose from about a dozen specimen to then plant in the 'public right away', the area between the sidewalk and the curb.  

(left to right by row:  digging a hole double the rootball size  /  leveling the tree  /  ryan getting him out of his container  /  filling the hole with water to settle the soil  /  mulch to conserve moisture and reduce soil erosion  /  the buds are already producing leaves)

We now are the proud owners of a autumn gold maidenhair tree.  He is a lil guy right now... maxing out at about 5'5" tall and is as wide as my thumb but he will someday become a large shade tree that is strong and up to 35-50' tall.  I was immediately drawn to this tree for it's unique leaf shape and its vivid colors of amber, gold and yellow hues.  

I know we will not be in our home to see this guy reach its mature state, many years down the road but I look forward to seeing its buds turn to leaves, it gain a few more inches in height and the beauty it will add to our home from the street.  We have some plans for the public right away that it is planted in too so I will share updates on that in the coming month.

Here is what our tree will grow to look like...




  1. It's so small, but will be beautiful!

  2. It's so small, but will be beautiful!


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